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In recent years, many people have started questioning the safety, quality, and integrity of their food; they want to know where it comes from. The animals processed at Lyon Country Meats are all locally grown on the farm, literally Farm to Table, antibiotic and hormone free, fed with feed that is locally grown, and raised to be as stress-free as possible from birth to slaughter.

Our products are fresh from the farm and have a taste you can't find in mass-produced feed-lot animals. This gives the customers an opportunity to have the old-time sausages and other great tasting products, that are expensive and hard to find at other locations. Our products are grown and processed with generations of knowledge and experience.

There aren't any other stores that we know of, that have the product line with the source control that we have.  Meat through our program is raised just minutes away from the processing plant where they are delivered, slaughtered, and put in the cooler within a few hours. 

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